Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: BeneFit's Don't Stray Shadow base/ concealer

 I recently stopped by BeneFit's Concealer Base/ Shadow Base.
Purpose: Multi-purpose base to hold shadow and concealer in place.
Time Limit: 8-12 hrsh

After trying out this product for a week, it better serves as a shadow base. Not as good as Too Faced-Shadow Base or even Urban Decay's Primer Potion.  You apply it by arranged three dot pattern,but a little goes along way. I just tried it with 2 dots and blended out smoothly with my finger. I tried to use it with different types of gel liners. It worked best with MAC's Fluidline and MUFE waterproof eyeliners. It ended lasting 6 hours in the heat. There was little smudging, but there was creasing. It didn' t work at all with NYX jumbo pencils. As for a concealer base, with my type of skin texture, it made my Tarte- Maracuja Concealer ( medium) totally wear off. During the past week, it's been really hot. So, I decided to give it a second chance and try it out in normal 70 degree weather. Nothing, instead I think it would better suit someone with dry skin. I think it needs reformulation to suit all skin complexions.

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