Thursday, December 5, 2013

Concealer Transformation

Makeup can do a lot of things, but can it do miracles? Well...sometimes. I used different concealer to contour and highlight my face. I wanted to try some new products, I had in my collection. The camera is a basic flash on my tablet, no biggie, but I love how it came out. Now, only if I could look this put together everyday. 

  1. Ben Nye  No-Red Concealer Crayon in No.1 
  2. Loreal Lumi Stick in No. 7
  3. MAC Prep+ Prime in Radiant Rose
  4. MAC Prep+Prime Primer
  5. MAC Face & Body in No. C4
  6. Benefit Brow Compact in Medium
  7. Ardell half wispies 
  8. Pixi Woo Peppermint Rose Crayon 
  9. Ben Nye Banana Powder
  10. Dermablend Translucent Powder
  11. Nars Compact Blush Orgasm and Bronzer Laguana 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Philosophy: Dark Spot Corrector

Before with no makeup

I've been dealing with acne-prone skin for a long time. I didn't have that much acne, until I turned 18. Now, in my 30's the acne, comes and goes. But I'm still left with all the dark spots, from recently picking at pimples.  I've been searching for many products over the years, spending countless amount of money and time, to find results. They're all the same, nothing but a subtle change in color.

 Philosophy has been one of my favorite brands for a long time, since I first discovered makeup at 16-17 years old. From their amazing body wash scents, cleansers, and perfumes. I'm in love with this brand and I can't wait to try new product innovations.

 I recently received a sample size of Philosophy's Dark Spot Corrector in my Sephora package. I haven't been introduced to this product before and decided to give it a chance.  When, I read the word "corrector," I assumed it was something about makeup and not skincare. The package is the same paragraph description on the front of the package, usually giving directions, explanations, or recipes for their products.

I have honestly tried this product for a month, after my nightime face washing, lotion, and then the dark spot corrector. I will show you before and after, but I can't tell you how grateful I am for the invention of this product and the miracle work it did. I started applying it after 1 week, a saw a subtle change. Week 2, a change was more visible. Week 3, most of acne dark spots were less visible, making a lighter hand at applying foundation and concealer.

Week 4, A tinted moisturizer or light foundation needed. Now, I've never just applied anything less than Full Coverage Foundation. Walking outside with some tinted moisturizer and setting spray. I'm so extastic!! I have been wearing light water-based tint or colored foundation for once in my life.

I will be forever thankful to Philosophy creators of this product for not only creating another product that does what it claims. More importantly, creating more skin/face confidence for this acne-prone gal.

For more info, Philosophy Dark Spot Corrector

Temperature Rising Coloection

Temperature Rising Event:
Strobe Liquid Tinted 
Lipstick: Sheer Seduction 
Lipliner: (center) Magenta
Went to Temperature Rising MAC Event in Fashion Valley and products tested, Strobe Liquid and Sheer Seduction

Monday, May 20, 2013

Elf Cosmetics: Lip Stain

Product: Lip Stain
Maker: Elf Cosmetics
Color: Pink Stain

I was walking through the makeup isles and I wanted to try Elf Cosmetics Lip Stain. For $2, the price isn't bad and I was hoping I would get a great deal. The color especially is what attracted me. I have a pink tint in my natural lipcolor. I wanted to bring out that color, so I wouldn't be applying it all the time. So, I tried it on,  the color was a little hard to see. At first, I thought you had to twist it like Stila, but that wasn't the case, you are suppose to shake to activate color flow. After doing that, I really couldn't see the color. In fact, my marker was 1/4 of the way dry, the tip was extremely dry. I had to carefully use it sideways, just to get it to work.  I didn't like the color, so I apply MAC's Angel Lipgloss on top and that's what you see in the picture.
It was a fail.

Recommend: No, don't even waste your time, buy some lashes instead.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

RiRi Woo from MAC

The most sought out lipstick in May 2013, everyone and I do mean everyone was talking about Rhianna's collaboration with MAC cosmetics, RIRI Woo.  So like all the other MAC Pros and MAC junkies alike I awaited for the MAC launch at 12PM (EST.)

The first order I lost because I refreshed my browser, that was before I saw the disclaimer not to refresh. I managed to order 4. The short period of 3 hrs, RiRi Woo was sold out. But, much to my surprise, being rereleased in late June 2013. I thought it would be only limited edition. As I read on MAC PRO, Rhianna is releasing a full (but smaller) collection where RiRi Woo is the main focus.

So, how is it? In comparsion to it's original lipstick color Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo is a retro matte. Ruby is a matte. I've never seen a retro matte before, but i think its just the same.

Product: RiRi Woo
Maker: MAC Cosmetics
Color: Matte Red
Ok, so what's the difference you say? Well after swatching it and apply MAC's Lip Prep+Prime, RiRi is a slight darker red, more blue based. The colors nearly are the same, the finish however feels a lot more satin-like because of the Prep+ Prime. I didn't expect that, overall I'm happy to add another red lipstick in my kit and my own personal hoarding stash.

I would recommend this product for the MAC junkie/hoarder. I think there are lot other products just same and you can probably get away using Ruby Woo and saying its RiRi Woo.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Swatch Time! MAC Lips

Swatching away at night, I decided to pick out my lipstick for a birthday party I'm going to . SO...after many swatches, here's what I got.  I decided to go with MAC Fashion Set collection in Heroine Lipglass.

From Bottom (all MAC unless otherwise stated)

Candy Yum Yum Bright
RiRi Woo
Ruby Woo
Girl about Town

Next Time I'll take pics of my other hand too, There were more!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

KHROMA 24K Prime Gel

24K Primer Pictorial 

I'm a big fan of the Kardashian makeup, they're usually always flawless when it comes to makeup. The recent launch of their own personal makeup Khroma, promises to give you a glow using this golden glitter gel product.

Truth: The packaging is basic, but the color of this primer is what attracted me to it. Five minute gel that is applied after you wash your face. The gel looks a lot like craft glue and quite a similar smell. After a quick five mins, I washed it off and my skin felt very soft and smooth.

CONS: The glitter glue-like substance and texture and smell. The packaging instructions and company background is at 6-7pt. font. Slight results.

OVERALL: I think I could get over the smell and texture if show some more dramatic results. Directions say to apply generously and leave on for entire five minutes. I was pleased with product, for what it is, a skin smooth, like a cream . Only because it felt my skin feeling smooth. Would I change the packaging, yes something more expensive looking and dramatic, smell, and thickness/texture. But, I did get compliments at Ulta for my slight glow. I guess I was thinking that it would give me more dramatic results, maybe I will give it a second chance, but I do hope the Kardashians revisit this product for improvement.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

MAC Fashion Sets

                                                  Ablaze- Embrace Me - Silly - Heroine

The lastest sold out collection from MAC Cosmetics, making the public, scramble to find these lipsticks. I admit it I was there at 10am at my MAC store waiting for te release, unfortunately. I only got Ablaze Lipliner, Ablaze Lipstick, Silly Lipliner, Silly Lipstick, Embrace Me Lipstick, and Heroine Lipglass, because both lipstick and lipliner were sold out:( tears...But the colors are great.

Lately, I have been addicted to Heroine Lipglass, I wear alone or with Candy Yum Yum (MAC) for some ombre effect. But I really enjoy it.
Ablaze: a soft red-coral, organey-red
Silly: A pale pink
Embrace Me: is a hot pink mix with red
Heroine: mixture of a fuschia with purple