Monday, January 6, 2014

Self-taught Acrylic Nails

Working my way to start doing nails, I really like doing nails. But not those extreme creations, I want nails looking nice. My mother kindly, gave up her nails and trust in me to do them right. I've come a long way. At first I really couldn't grasp the acrylic consistency. I think it was the brushes and the acrylic-challenged mind. But now, I can say I can start doing nails. I've been getting better with each set, I've done. I grab friends and family and get started!

Once, I get some confidence and skill I will do another status update.

Sally's Beauty Supply Purple Tips
SB Acrylic Powder Crystal Clear
Pearl Wheel
Konad Stamping Nailpolish
XL Stamping Plate
Diamond Topcoat

Sunday, January 5, 2014

MAC Santa Baby!

My Santa Baby delivered this Christmas, I asked for my personal kit refills.


Bulk Makeup Wipes, can't have enough!

Volcanic Ash Exfoliate- I've been dying to try this and it doubles as mask.

In Extreme Lash Mascara- The mascara I love using for everyday and a couple of more coats, for days I don't want to wear lashes.

Cold Comfort Creme- A cream that does the job, without adding more oil to face and keeping it hydrated during winter months