Monday, January 6, 2014

Self-taught Acrylic Nails

Working my way to start doing nails, I really like doing nails. But not those extreme creations, I want nails looking nice. My mother kindly, gave up her nails and trust in me to do them right. I've come a long way. At first I really couldn't grasp the acrylic consistency. I think it was the brushes and the acrylic-challenged mind. But now, I can say I can start doing nails. I've been getting better with each set, I've done. I grab friends and family and get started!

Once, I get some confidence and skill I will do another status update.

Sally's Beauty Supply Purple Tips
SB Acrylic Powder Crystal Clear
Pearl Wheel
Konad Stamping Nailpolish
XL Stamping Plate
Diamond Topcoat

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