Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Sephora's Travel Brushes

I'm definitely a bag lady, I mean I love purses lol. I love the really big ones, but I dont always have room for my brushes, because most of my brushes are long-handled. I was making my weekly trip to Sephora and I fixed a quick problem. This mini travel brush set.
Review: This is a fast way to carry your brushes with yobu when you're on the go.  This set is $10USD, although its got a good deal. Let's look at brush quality. Now, I wasn't expecting quality here, but I wasn't disappointed or impressed. Slightly bigger than a Stila Lipgloss, this magentic travel set hides the brushes so they don't get ruined in your stash. Comes with, a sponge tip / blender, that's decent, I actually would've preferred if it wasn't included.Who uses it? Liner brush a wider version of #266.  There's a crease brush, but its oddly- shaped pointy. Would've liked to have rounded to cutting the crease touch ups. Lastly, the smudge brush. Its a normal smudger works better then all the other brushes.

Exactly, why Im on the fence, because I would've liked to see, a smudger, crease (rounded), wide flat shader brush, small round e/s brush. But like I said its only a travel set. But, I thought Sephora should make several versions, so you can mix and match your needs to that outting.

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