Monday, May 20, 2013

Elf Cosmetics: Lip Stain

Product: Lip Stain
Maker: Elf Cosmetics
Color: Pink Stain

I was walking through the makeup isles and I wanted to try Elf Cosmetics Lip Stain. For $2, the price isn't bad and I was hoping I would get a great deal. The color especially is what attracted me. I have a pink tint in my natural lipcolor. I wanted to bring out that color, so I wouldn't be applying it all the time. So, I tried it on,  the color was a little hard to see. At first, I thought you had to twist it like Stila, but that wasn't the case, you are suppose to shake to activate color flow. After doing that, I really couldn't see the color. In fact, my marker was 1/4 of the way dry, the tip was extremely dry. I had to carefully use it sideways, just to get it to work.  I didn't like the color, so I apply MAC's Angel Lipgloss on top and that's what you see in the picture.
It was a fail.

Recommend: No, don't even waste your time, buy some lashes instead.

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