Wednesday, May 8, 2013

KHROMA 24K Prime Gel

24K Primer Pictorial 

I'm a big fan of the Kardashian makeup, they're usually always flawless when it comes to makeup. The recent launch of their own personal makeup Khroma, promises to give you a glow using this golden glitter gel product.

Truth: The packaging is basic, but the color of this primer is what attracted me to it. Five minute gel that is applied after you wash your face. The gel looks a lot like craft glue and quite a similar smell. After a quick five mins, I washed it off and my skin felt very soft and smooth.

CONS: The glitter glue-like substance and texture and smell. The packaging instructions and company background is at 6-7pt. font. Slight results.

OVERALL: I think I could get over the smell and texture if show some more dramatic results. Directions say to apply generously and leave on for entire five minutes. I was pleased with product, for what it is, a skin smooth, like a cream . Only because it felt my skin feeling smooth. Would I change the packaging, yes something more expensive looking and dramatic, smell, and thickness/texture. But, I did get compliments at Ulta for my slight glow. I guess I was thinking that it would give me more dramatic results, maybe I will give it a second chance, but I do hope the Kardashians revisit this product for improvement.


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