Sunday, May 19, 2013

RiRi Woo from MAC

The most sought out lipstick in May 2013, everyone and I do mean everyone was talking about Rhianna's collaboration with MAC cosmetics, RIRI Woo.  So like all the other MAC Pros and MAC junkies alike I awaited for the MAC launch at 12PM (EST.)

The first order I lost because I refreshed my browser, that was before I saw the disclaimer not to refresh. I managed to order 4. The short period of 3 hrs, RiRi Woo was sold out. But, much to my surprise, being rereleased in late June 2013. I thought it would be only limited edition. As I read on MAC PRO, Rhianna is releasing a full (but smaller) collection where RiRi Woo is the main focus.

So, how is it? In comparsion to it's original lipstick color Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo is a retro matte. Ruby is a matte. I've never seen a retro matte before, but i think its just the same.

Product: RiRi Woo
Maker: MAC Cosmetics
Color: Matte Red
Ok, so what's the difference you say? Well after swatching it and apply MAC's Lip Prep+Prime, RiRi is a slight darker red, more blue based. The colors nearly are the same, the finish however feels a lot more satin-like because of the Prep+ Prime. I didn't expect that, overall I'm happy to add another red lipstick in my kit and my own personal hoarding stash.

I would recommend this product for the MAC junkie/hoarder. I think there are lot other products just same and you can probably get away using Ruby Woo and saying its RiRi Woo.

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